Saturday, October 16, 2010

When pregnant or raising a newborn, a lot of people try to warn you about things. Things such as "You will never sleep again!" or "Just wait until they're 2!" Etc. etc.

However, people don't warn you about a lot of things I wish I had known.

Recently I discovered a new issue no one has ever warned us about - disgusting neck smell.

Lately, Baby D's neck has taken on the stench of mummified poop. It's embarrassing. We noticed it the other night after day care, and were mortified that the people looking after Baby D have probably been talking about how gross she smells. She had just been bathed, too! And we specifically got into her neck folds. It wasn't good enough, though, because this disgusting neck smell returns almost immediately.

We washed her neck out really well after noticing the stench. Then Mr. D's mom came to babysit the other night and gave Baby D another bath because she said her neck smelled really bad. I couldn't believe it.

After some googling, I discovered we are most definitely not alone in this problem and have found some ways to help ease the stench. It's believed to be caused by milk and saliva dribbling down into the deep crevices of a baby's non-existent neck. We're trying to wipe her neck down after every feeding now, and I'm putting baby powder in her cavernous neck folds in an attempt to keep them dry and smell-free. I think it's working so far.

We could start giving her more baths, but she already has really really dry skin so I don't want to resort to bathing her every day. But I'm still embarrassed that her day care teachers probably noticed the smell. I'm here to tell you all that if your baby has this horrible stench emanating from their neck, they are not alone.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Wow, I am really horrible at updating this blog, aren't I?

But that's a good thing. I am so busy with life that I don't have time! This coming from an Internet addict.

Baby D keeps us so busy. She is getting bigger and cuter and smarter every day. It truly is amazing. She is smiling now, and doing what WE refer to as "laughing," although technically it's more of a happy coo. She'll smile super big and make a noise when she's doing it. That counts as laughing, right?

Naturally she can do no wrong in our eyes. She is as perfect as a peach. Even earlier today, when she was so tired but refusing to sleep, instead choosing to scream and scream and SCREAM! I just held her and rocked her and told her there was nothing I'd rather be doing than holding her while she screamed. It's an honor to hold her, even when my eardrums start to bleed - haha!

As hard as it is to have her in day care, I really think she enjoys it and it's helped her to get on more of a schedule. I can't wait to get off work at the end of the day and pick her up. I even get a smile sometimes when she sees me! What a big girl.

That's all for now, the peach just woke up and wants a late lunch!