Thursday, January 20, 2011

It's been awhile, which is typical around here. I need to start blogging every day but it's really hard! Everyone always acts like it's so easy to do stuff while baby sleeps, but when your baby sleeps on you, it's pretty difficult. Baby D rarely takes naps in her crib when she's at home, she's typically held by one of us. Yes, she's spoiled, but she's no worse for the wear.

Life around here has been out of routine lately. We keep having snow days! I live in the midwest, where two inches of snow shuts down the city for the day. We got back from Christmas break, had a four-day school week, then it snowed that Sunday so we didn't have school for three days! Thursday & Friday, it was back to work. That following Monday was MLK day, so we were out. Another four day work week. Now, it snowed (actually a lot for us this time - 6-8 inches ) yesterday so the schools are out yet again today. Likely tomorrow, too.

While I am enjoying our lazy unexpected vacation days, the fact that I know we'll have to make them up in the springtime, well, sucks. I also feel a little guilty that we keep getting Baby D out of her routine. She's already doesn't go to day care on Wednesdays (her grandma watches her), so now she's been going to day care like once a week. Naturally we still have to pay for it, too! But we just can't get enough of her, so if we're home, there's no way we're sending her to day care! This also means that she was out of day care for two entire weeks during Christmas vacation. Whoops. I know you're supposed to be all about routines for babies, and she hasn't had one for several weeks now.

She has SUCH a personality now! Little giggles, lots of smiles, she throws tantrums and throws objects. She hits things, she reaches out for people. We finally had ONE full on belly-laugh the other night, but not since. Yes, she is almost 6 months old and has yet to really laugh. It kills us, but finally getting that one "hahahaha!" out of her was worth the wait. She's also rolling over like crazy now.

Ok, off to finish my coffee and snuggle with my family!

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