Saturday, May 14, 2011

Summer quickly approaches! I am so excited to have two months off of work. Teaching really sucks sometimes, but I've gotta tell you, the light at the end of the tunnel is summer vacation.

I've been battling a myriad of illnesses for the past week. It started last Friday. By Saturday, I had a raging fever. I luckily felt better for Mother's Day (which was amazing, by the way). That night, though, I felt sicker than ever. I took some ibuprofen and felt good enough to go to work. I still felt like my body wasn't healed yet.

By Tuesday, I was convinced it was strep throat, but a visit to urgent care revealed that apparently my woes were due to allergies. Wednesday morning, I awoke to discover I had lost my voice. I somehow made it through a day of teaching, but it took a toll on my voice and wiped it out completely. Then I developed pink eye (probably due to Baby D's new obsession with eyelashes).

I had to take off Thursday to give it a break, which really stinks because I have no paid time off yet (I used it all up during maternity leave!), so I lost a big chunk of money.

After my day off, my voice was still weak and I had developed a horrific cough, but knew we couldn't afford anymore time off. So, back to work on Friday. My voice was way better (now sounding more like a boy entering puberty), but the cough was worse. I had to raise my voice too many times and lost my voice again. I took some Delsym when I got home, and it did nothing for my cough, but it did get me feeling really high, which meant Mr. D had to do the brunt of the baby-rearing once again this week.

Here it is, Saturday again, and I still can't stop coughing. It's so frustrating. It is pretty amazing to see Baby D become accustomed to my barking cough, though. That girl sleeps right through it, even when I'm holding her!

Which is what I'm doing now (yes, I typed this whole entry using one hand - THAT'S talent!), so I'm going to be a creepy mom and just stare at her now.

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