Saturday, March 19, 2011

All good things must come to an end...

Our spring break is wrapping up.

I am never ready to return to work, but I can honestly say I have had a completely fulfilling vacation. Mr. D, Baby D, and I had some fun outings over the past week.

The baby and I enjoyed numerous cuddle sessions. We made it to the park during the two nice-weather days (Um, speaking of which, 40 degree weather? You do not belong in spring break.), Baby D got to swing on a real (infant) swing for the first time. She LOVED it.

She also went down the slide with Daddy and me, and was thoroughly unimpressed with that.

During this break, we also re-discovered our favorite onesies in a big girl size! We are overly excited to re-live these outfits. By "we," naturally I mean the Mister and me. The baby could care less. In fact, she prefers no clothes at all (with the exception of her diaper). While undressed, she regresses back in time to the caveman era, where she grunts and violently kicks her legs and pumps her arms. Clothes just make her cry for the first minute or so. I do think she realizes how darn cute she is in these onesies, so she eventually accepts that she has to wear them in public.

Anyway, as our spring break draws to an end, I am satisfied with the time we've had off of work. I'll return knowing that the best break of all - summer vacation! - is right around the corner! Oh, I can't wait.

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