Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I am a firm believer in Karma. I try to do nice things for people, not only because it just feels good, but because I hope that it will come around to me again in my times of need!

For instance, if I'm driving and someone needs to merge in front of me and everyone else is being a jerk and refusing to let them in, my attitude is "By all means, get in front of me!" And I feel like this is good car karma, so perhaps later at the store I will get an awesome parking spot. I know, I am insane.

Today, however, Mr. D, Baby D, and myself went on a walk to the local. It was so gorgeous outside! I had just relocated one of our favorite little blankies that Baby D has, and was pumped. I decided she needed to cuddle it in her stroller on our walk. In our neighborhood, we stopped to talk to our neighbor for awhile. Later, on our way back to our house, I noticed someone's ad-chocked junk mail insert was rolling down the street. Papers were everywhere! I knew what it was because one had been in my mailbox earlier, so I gathered all of them up and disposed of them.

30 minutes later, we are back in our living room when the doorbell rings. For some reason, any time the doorbell rings, I assume it's a home invasion waiting to happen and it FREAKS ME OUT!

This time, it was just the neighbor we had chatted up earlier. He held up the aforementioned blankie and said "Is this yours?" Apparantly we had somehow dropped it on our way to the park. Him and his wife were walking their dog and came across it, and since he knew we were just in that area he was nice enough to pick it up and return it! Karma from the junk mail!

I'm so glad he was thoughtful enough to bring it back. I also find it cool that had we not stopped to talk to him, he might've never assumed it was ours, and it would still be laying on the sad lonely street.

I'm still not sure how we managed to lose it!

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