Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I had enough of the constant rib pain that baby is inflicting upon me, so I decided to try out a chiropractor. I've never been to one before, but my primary physician once adjusted my back because my eye wouldn't stop twitching, and it immediately stopped. I'm hoping chiropractic care helps relieve some pain.

I went to my insurance company's website, got a list of potentials, and did a little research. I found a place nearby that has some special knowledge about prenatal chiropractor care, and made an appointment there.

It went well. I told them about my rib pain, some back pain I'm having, and this sharp pain I get in my lower back when I walk. However, a couple things made me kind of nervous. They hooked me up to these electrodes, it's called electric modality. It sends electricity pulses through your muscles. I would think they wouldn't do anything to harm me, but it still really freaks me out to have electricity pulsing through my back muscles. Could this stop baby's heart or something?! I figured that they know what they're talking about, so I just let it happen. It did feel really nice. When I got home I researched it, and some websites say things like "We recommend avoiding electric modality during pregnancy." and others say "We would recommend a treatment such as electric modality for pregnant women." So, totally mixed opinions. I have another appointment today, so I suppose I will bring up my concerns.

They also adjusted my neck and back. It felt nice, but so far no real relief or anything. I did discover that my insurance completely covers all aspects of chiropractic care, including MASSAGES! Naturally, this means I have a massage appointment tomorrow. I can't freaking wait.

Today is Mr. D's last day of summer school, and I am so excited to get to spend the next few weeks with him. I'm sure he'll be fed up with me by the time summer vacation is over, but I for one can't wait, haha.

As of yesterday, I am 35 weeks pregnant. Woah! Next week, I will be "full term." Obviously still hoping to make it to 40 weeks, though. It's just weird to think about.

In other news, I wish we had a Dunkin' Donuts nearby, because I really want some of their chocolate donut holes.

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  1. Yeah, I would be a little freaked out about anything electric related. Definitely voice your concerns. How did it feel to get your neck and back adjusted? I've never been to a chiropractor either so I'm so interested to know about it.

    I have two DD's next to me and how I find the will power not to go there every day still surprises me. I love chocolate donuts, the occasional strawberry frosted ones, and their ice tea or iced coffee. YUM!