Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Just for the record, a baby in your stomach having hiccups is the cutest thing ever. I felt guilty for drowning in the cuteness of it when it happened earlier. Because what if baby hiccups are torture for the baby?! Yikes.

On a separate note, I am on summer vacation. This leads me to never really know what day of the week it is, or what the date is. Every summer I get confused. Last summer, I called my mom on her birthday, had a 30 minute conversation with her, hung up, and only realized an hour later when I was sitting in the movie theater at Harry Potter's opening night that it was the 15th of July and therefore my mother's birthday. Imagine the guilt trip I got when I called her back to apologize and wish her a happy birthday.

I also have what's known as "pregnancy brain." This is the weird phenomenon pregnant women get where they can't remember anything, or do stupid stuff because our brains aren't working correctly. My students got to experience it first-hand ALL of the time. For instance, they'd ask me for a piece of paper, I'd say "Sure!" and head to my desk to get a spare sheet. In the 5 seconds it took me to do this, I would somehow completely forget that I had set out to get some paper, and would end up stopping to write something on the board, take attendance, or do some other activity unrelated to the task at hand. My students would get annoyed at first but eventually got used to the idea and would politely remind me "Um, Mrs. D... I've been waiting 10 minutes for that piece of paper..."

I tell you this because even though I knew yesterday was June 8 - I had a dentist appointment - I somehow thought that today was June 10. I don't know what I thought had happened to the 9th. So my 32 week doctor's appointment isn't actually until Friday. I can blame this on summer vacation or pregnancy brain, but whatever the reason, it made me feel really stupid and annoyed with myself.

Speaking of my dentist appointment, the hygienist asked me if my gums have been bleeding more. Yes, they have. Another pregnancy issue. She assured me that it should stop shortly after the baby comes. She then proceeded to use this as an excuse to be as violent as possible while cleaning my teeth. My gums felt like she had sanded them off or something. I could feel them swelling up around my teeth. It hurt so bad! She then left while I waited to see the dentist and tried not to cry from the pain throbbing throughout my mouth. I did get to watch the Full House episode that featured Steve Urkel. THE Steve Urkel. I forgot that episode existed. (It's the one with Michelle trying to be annoyingly cute and asking people, while pouting, "please feed my piggy!" and then holding up a piggy bank.)

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