Sunday, June 13, 2010

Weekend Update

Mr. D's grandmother and I had a girls' day on Thursday. She took me shopping for a baby shower dress. I found the cutest dress ever, and it isn't even maternity! Which shouldn't surprise me. I say that because I HATE MATERNITY CLOTHES.

For some reason, I thought when I first got pregnant that maternity clothes were going to be SO CUTE. I was extremely EXTREMELY wrong. Yes, it warrants two "extremely"s, one of which is capitalized. I don't know who makes maternity clothing, but they make it out of the grossest materials ever. They're thick and starchy and uncomfortable. Most of the time, the entire piece of clothing itself is ugly. The ones that are cute make me want to vomit because the texture of them on my skin is unbearable. Even tshirts. I bought some ruched-side plain shirts from a maternity store that will remain nameless. It wasn't until it started warming up outside that I realized the cotton they're made of is REALLY thick. Too thick for summer. It feels like I'm wearing terrycloth or something.

I went to the same store (I keep having to frequent it because it's the only maternity store around) to find a dress for a wedding. They had some cute ones! Until I tried them on and realized it felt like they were made out of canvas or something. Very stiff. Ill-fitting. Gross.

Why is it so hard to find cute clothes when you're pregnant? Not only are they ugly but they're expensive, too. The thick tshirts I mentioned? 24.95 a piece when they're not on sale. I got mine buy one get one half off, but that's still ridiculous for a completely plain shirt.

I got myself all worked up last week because I discovered a maternity consignment store in my town. I was planning to go last Monday, but after a quick check on their website to get the address, I realized they're only open on Thursdays and Fridays. Thursday was my date with Mr. D's grandma, so I planned to go Friday. My excitement had all week to build up!

As I approached the store, I saw they were having a 50% store closing sale! Score!... except once I entered, I discovered that all of the clothes in there looked like something grandparents would snub because they were so out of style. It's not the store's fault, maternity clothes are just that ugly.

I did find a super cute maternity maxi dress the other day. I thought about trying it on until I realized it was 120 bucks. No thanks.

So here I am, in my 8th month (I think I'm 8 months, I really don't know at this point. 32 weeks), and I still have nothing to wear. I hate meeting my non-pregnant friends who look super skinny and cute, and I feel like a cow who can't dress herself. Ugh.

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