Monday, June 21, 2010


Quick review: Dairy Queen's Strawberry Golden Oreo Blizzard is AMAZING. You all need to go get it ASAP before it's gone for good. My mouth is watering right now thinking about it.

In other news, Mr. D and I decided to switch our cable provider. I don't want to post any company names, but let's just say we're part of a UniVERSE now.

So, the cable guy was scheduled to come today. My ribs have been in so much pain that I can hardly stand to wear a bra anymore. Sorry, guys. This led me to make the executive decision that I would not put on a bra for the cable guy. I was worried this would lead to some awkward moments, but if he noticed his eyes didn't linger too long. Luckily he didn't appear to be interested in pregnant women :)

Now we have new cable and Internet. So far, so good. In fact, our Internet is even FASTER. Which is amazing for an addict like myself.

Mr. D's grandmother was sweet and brought me lunch since I was stuck here with the cable guy. It was an extremely unhealthy lunch, complete with delicious sweet tea. I feel slightly guilty, but I've really stepped up the healthy eating lately so I don't feel too bad.

Mr. D and I went out of town this weekend for a friend's graduation party. It was a great time and it was fun to get out of town, even if it was just for a day. Although it left me completely paranoid that I was going to go into early labor at any time. I'd already made the decision that we would drive back home if I did. It's only a 3-4 hour drive, and I was banking on a long labor. I didn't have to make an emergency drive home, though. Baby thankfully stayed put and is still baking away. 6 weeks left starting tomorrow. Yikes!

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