Tuesday, June 15, 2010


One thing I had never thought about was that once I give birth, my OBGYN doesn't take care of my baby. I have to have a pediatrician! I should have realized this in my first meeting with my OBGYN when she casually mentioned finding one.

It really hit home when I went to the doctor two weeks ago and she brought it up again, and seemed shocked, SHOCKED I TELL YOU, that I had not begun the search for a pediatrician. It made me feel like the world's worst mother and the baby isn't even here yet.

My problem is that we have NO friends with babies. We're the first. Now, I actually have several pregnant friends, but I'm going to be the first to deliver, so asking them for a recommendation is pointless.

So I put it off. Then Mr. D and I went on our pre-delivery tour. We were filling out the paperwork with the nice nurse and she asked that dreaded question again, "Who is your pediatrician going to be?" I felt more guilty than ever when I had to tell her I didn't know. "Well you need to find one!!" she responded. I know, I KNOW.

I made it a point to start researching. I googled "pediatrician" for my city. Lots came up. I was kind of hoping only one or two would appear and it would make my choice much easier.

I finally found a place that looked great on their website. It was a group practice. They even had two separate waiting rooms - one for sick kids and ones there for their regular non-sicky checkups. The doctors looked nice and seemed well-educated and experienced.

...but they didn't take my insurance. Ok, moving on. I found another group practice that seemed fabulous. Only they don't come out to the hospital I will be delivering at! Dammit.

I posted a topic an an internet message board for moms and moms-to-be, and a local girl who I've been talking to gave me a recommendation. Yay! And better yet, it's perfect. Close to my house, convenient hours, they take my insurance, AND they come out to the hospital I'll be delivering at. Perfect! Sign me up!

Except now I have to go in for a "pre-natal consult." Yes, apparently you are supposed to interview potential pediatricians. You aren't supposed to just choose one and call it a day.

Obviously my child's first doctor is something very important. I care. But I have NO IDEA what questions I'm supposed to be asking. I am having Baby D vaccinated, so I don't have any questions as far as delaying those goes. If it's a boy, we want him to be circumsized, so I guess I can ask about that, although I don't have any questions. Any questions I might have as far as after-hours needs and when they're open, etc etc, are answered on the website.

So what do I ask?!

My appointment is today and I'm really nervous that I'm going to look like an awful mother because I have no questions to ask and no real reason to be there other than I know that's what I'm supposed to do. Plus the website told me to come in for a pre-natal consult. Haha.

Wish me luck. I hope I don't end up looking like a complete moron.

Next on my mommy-to-be to-do list: Go check out our potential day care. We had a perfect situation all lined up, and then two weeks ago discovered that it was no longer an option. The only waiting list I signed up for (and Mr. D signed us up when I was a mere 6 weeks along, so we did get that out of the way in a timely manner), and now it's no longer an option for us. It was at Mr. D's school. They just decided for no apparent reason that teacher's students can no longer attend, only student's babies. Which is what it's always been intended for, but they let teacher's students pay to go if there was room. Not anymore.

I hope this day care pans out. It was recommended, but Mr. D and I have both worked in day cares in the past, so our expectations are probably pretty high.

I'm getting nervous about motherhood.

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