Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pediatrician Follow-Up

I was so wrapped up in our daycare drama yesterday that I forgot to talk about how my pre-natal pediatrician consult went.

I was pleased to see they had two waiting rooms - one for the sick kids, and one for the kids just there for their check-ups. Luckily they let me sit in the check up room while I waited for my consult. They started to send me in the sick room, but changed their minds. Whew. I don't want to be exposed to all those sick children while I'm pregnant!

I go into the waiting room and it was totally empty, but then all of these adorable newborn babies started coming in for their first appointments! They were all so adorable! I wanted to take them all home (I even e-mailed Mr. D from my phone about them! But he told me we'd have our own soon enough, so I refrained from trying to take them).

One woman had just had her baby on Saturday, and it was only Tuesday. She told me she wished she was still pregnant. I am sure I will feel like that too, but right now my body gets in so much pain sometimes that I'm ready for Baby D to arrive!... mentally, but not actually prepared at all. We still need to finish the nursery. We have one pack of diapers (and a few one-pack free samples), one container of wipes, and maybe two days worth of clothes. I probably shouldn't have scheduled my baby shower so close to the end of my pregnancy! It's not until July 11, and I'm due August 3. Oops.

Anyway, I digress. I was at the doctor. A nurse came to get me and she was so friendly, and seemed really genuine. She took me into a room and spewed out tons of information. I didn't feel any pressure to ask any questions, which was what I was worried about - I didn't know what to ask! She was extremely informative about their practice, and totally sold me on it. You don't just see ONE doctor, you rotate through all of the doctors at the office - I think there are around 10. If you decide you prefer one doctor, of course you can choose to only see them. They're open 7 days a week. They have a room full of nurses whose job it is to only answer phone calls from parents who have questions! I like that. When I am feeling crazy and paranoid I always have advice a phone call away.

They gave me some free magazines, bottles, and formula if I choose to supplement. I love free stuff!

It was a great experience, I feel very comfortable there. Now we've gotten our daycare AND our pediatrician. I'm making progress :)

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  1. Hahaha, you baby snatcher!

    I haven't look for a pediatrician yet but I'm not due until the end of August. I should start though. I love free stuff too, hope I get some goodies when I start interviews. Sounds like a great place you picked!