Thursday, June 24, 2010

My, how time flies...

Here I am at 34 weeks, 2 days, and I cannot believe it. It seems like just yesterday Mr. D and I discovered that we were having a baby, and I was a mere 4 weeks along. That was THIRTY WEEKS AGO. How did time go by so fast? I stayed pretty busy these past 30 weeks so I guess that has something to do with it.

When I discovered I was pregnant, I was a teacher's aide in a special ed classroom for emotionally disturbed children. I had been doing that for a couple of years and it was stressful but I enjoyed it. I love the teacher I worked with, and even though my students were so nuts at times (and violent at others), they were pretty hilarious sometimes. But I had the opportunity to take a better paying job (being a teacher's aide pays absolute crap) - a real teaching position of my own!

I'm certified to teach middle & high school English/Communication Arts/Language Arts (whatever you want to call it). I'd just never had the chance to interview after I got certified. I knew it was risky taking a new job while I was pregnant, but seeing as we did have a baby on the way, I couldn't pass up the moolah! I had money signs in my eyes, so I was constantly searching for open jobs.

A position opened up in my district and I applied, interviewed, and was hired. It pays much more than my paltry teacher's aide paycheck, and I didn't have a lapse in insurance because it was still in my district. Perfect!

However, I quickly discovered that regular education middle schoolers are more nuts and sometimes just as violent as special education emotionally disturbed children. I cried and cried and wondered why I had switched jobs. I thought of ways I could get out of my contract, and wondered if maybe I could convince my doctor to put me on medical leave because of stress.

But gradually it got better. I told myself I had to take it one day at a time, and before I knew it, the school year was over, and now I am 34 weeks (and 2 days) pregnant. That was fast. So even though I hated coming into a middle school halfway through the year (they'd had a sub the ENTIRE SCHOOL YEAR, and it was second semester!), I think that might have helped the days go by faster. I needed them to go by fast or I would've gone insane.

In baby news, I had a dream last night that we had the baby. It was a boy (who oddly enough kind of looked way more ethnic than either Mr. D or I. Cute, but not as shockingly pale white as we are), and he could laugh as soon as he was born. It makes me wonder if it really is a boy in there! Before I knew I was pregnant, I dreamed I had a baby girl, so for awhile I was convinced that was a sign it was a girl. Now, I feel myself leaning more towards boy.

In other news, Mr. D and I have been looking for a shelf for this one tiny wall in our nursery. We had always intended on buying the dresser that matched our changing table and crib, but once we got our furniture put together in there we realized, holy cow, that's one small room. A dresser in there was NOT happening. But Mr. D's mom had already bought us this super cute lamp, basket, and bucket that matched our bedding and I HAD TO have them in the room. I set off on a search for a shelf. Shelves are expensive, man.

I eventually found one that looked cute for 90 bucks or so on Amazon. I've been toying with the idea of ordering it, but really didn't want to pay 90 bucks. Last night, Mr. D and I took a small outing to Starbucks, Pier 1, and Target. Starbucks for a delicious black tea lemonade, Pier 1 just because we love it, and Target because I needed some cheap plastic storage bins for the hall closet. While perusing the storage options, I saw this cute cube shelf that you put canvas baskets into. It was way too big, though. I said to Mr. D, "Gah, those would be PERFECT for that space in the baby's room if only it were two cubes wide instead of three. And espresso." Then I glanced over, and guess what?

They made a shelf that was two cubes wide and three tall. And espresso.

Best of all, it was on sale for 35 dollars! The optional canvas storage cubes were on sale for 5.99! After a quick search on my iPhone, I saw it had pretty good reviews, and knew I had to have it. How perfect. All because I had the nesting urge to organize the hall closet.

Now the nursery is one step closer to being done. All we need to do now is hang up some floating shelves we've got.

We'd better hurry, though, because this pregnancy is flying by.


  1. Wow, good thing for nesting. You lucked out. Hearing you talk about how time flies by, is getting me anxious. I still haven't touched my nursery; due to the fact I haven't gotten my crib yet and my showers are scheduled for July 28th and August 8th or I don't have any thing yet but loads of baby clothes given to me by a friend who just had a girl a year ago. As for your job, I'm glad you made it through the year. I'm a school psychologist but haven't been able to find a full-time job yet. I was offered a position in a district an hour away from my home but decided to pass since I didn't want to commute that far being a first-time mom. Are you returning in the fall?

  2. Yes, I am going back in the fall, but missing the first 6 weeks!! Which makes me super nervous, because coming in late in the year was torture, and they're hiring the same long term sub for who I had to replace last year. The kids love him. Too much. He's a hard act to follow, but I'm hoping it's easier after 6 weeks than 6 months!